How to Know if Your Practice Will Succeed

Sweet TimeThe number one thing energy healers making the transition from working on friends and family to starting up their healing practice ask, is: “How do I know if my practice will succeed?”

It’s easier than you think!

All you have to know is the answer to these five questions:

1. Whom will you be serving?

• Will you be working with men? Women? Families?
• Will it be a specific segment of your community such as: seniors, veterans, homeless, those who are grieving, those in the prison system?
• Is there a specific age group with which you want to work?

2. How will you do that?

• Will you be working from home or rent office space?
• Would you rather work with a complementary modality such as a massage therapist working in a Chiropractic office?
• Will you be traveling to your clients?

3. Why do you want to have a healing practice?

Know why it is that you want to make the transition from doing your healing as a hobby to making it your primary source of income.

• Is it because you’re fed up with your day job and want to do something that you love?
• Are you making the transition to what you’ll do in retirement?
• Do you see a need in your community?

4. What is the probability of your success?

This all depends on if there is a need for your service. Here’s how to find out:

• First, on a map, draw a circle 50 miles out from the center of where you want to practice.
• Second, take out a phone book or Google online and count every business, establishment, private practice, or complementary practice that has people doing what you’re doing. Also, those who don’t and should!
• Third, within that 50-mile radius count how many community centers, wellness centers, and medical centers that offer your service. And how many that don’t.
• Lastly, talk with as many people within that radius that are doing energy healing and see how busy and fulfilled they are. Also, talk to organizations that should have your services and find out why they don’t.

If at the end of your discovery you find that there is a need, then you know that your probability of success is high.

5. How much money do you need?

Before you startup, know the answer to these questions:

• Are there any classes you need to take, certification you need to get, or equipment you need to purchase? If so, how much money will that take?
• As you’re starting up, what expenses will you incur? Do you need to rent office space, organize your home office, or use your vehicle? How much money do you estimate needing each month you’re in practice?
• How much you’ll charge for your services.
• How many clients you’ll need to break even each month.
• How many more clients you’ll need to clear $500 each month.

Knowing the answer to these five questions will help manage your expectations and ease your mind when starting up. Don’t guess. Know. You’ll be glad you did.

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