Where to Find Beautiful High Quality Free Photos

Public Domain PicsIf you’re an energy healing practitioner doing it all, from building a website, to creating blog posts, to putting together marketing brochures, you need breathtakingly beautiful images that grab people’s attention.

And if you’re like most energy healers, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them.

If you need images for your website, blog, marketing brochure and don’t want to pay for them, look for evidence of these three things:

1. Public Domain

A public domain image is a photo, clip art, or vector whose copyright never existed or has expired. These images can be used for free for personal and commercial purposes.

2. Royalty-free

Royalty-free means that images may be used without paying royalty charges or a license fee for each use. However, there may be a one-time payment to obtain the image.

3. Creative Commons CC0 license

A Creative Commons CC0 license is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build upon work that they’ve created with “no rights reserved.”

To find out more about public domain and what a Creative Commons CC0 license is, see the resource section at the end of this post.

Why is this so important?

Because if they aren’t public domain and you use them without paying for them, it’s illegal. There are people and institutions whose business it is to scour the Internet looking for individuals and businesses that are illegally using their images.

If they find you, you’ll be fined.

Top 9 Places for Free Stock Photography

To keep you above board and save money, I’ve chosen 9 wonderful places where you can go for beautiful, high-quality photos. When choosing these sites, I had three criteria in mind:

  • Visually beautiful
  • High resolution
  • Easy to search

1. Unsplash

Beautiful, free photos gifted by a worldwide community of photographers. With over 250,000 exclusive photos from photographers offering their own high-resolution images for free. All images can be copied, modified, and distributed without you have to ask permission or profile attribution.

Quick Link: Unsplash

2. Old Book Illustrations

This is a great place to search for vintage or Victorian design images. All are public domain illustrations scanned from old books and vector illustrations that can be modified and distributed for personal and commercial use.

Quick Link: Old Book Illustrations

3. The British Library

The British Library released over 1 million images into public domain in 2007. Scanned from the pages of 17th, 18th and 19th century books, the collection is spectacular for anyone looking for a vintage image. Hosted on Flickr, all images are within the public domain and free to use.

Quick Link: The British Library

4. Public Domain Archive

High resolution, free stock photos compiled from over 35 websites. The collection includes both vintage and contemporary public domain images.

Quick Link: Public Domain Archive

5. Pixabay

Pixabay is made up of a community of photographers that have uploaded a large collection of high quality, public domain photos, illustrations, vector and videos released under CC0.

Quick Link: Pixabay

6. Negative Space

Negative Space offers contemporary high-resolution photos. All images are public domain, under the CC0 license, and free to use. A very cool thing is you can search by copy space, which is ideal when you need an image for web design.

Quick Link: Negative Space

7. SpaceX

If you’re looking for some “out of this world” photos, SpaceX is for you. SpaceX has released thousands of photos on Flickr from their missions. All are free. All are public domain.

Quick Link: SpaceX

8. Public Domain Vectors

If you’re looking for vectors, this is the place to come. Public Domain Vectors has a massive collection of vectors that are available to download in SVG, AI and EPS formats. All images are licensed under CC0.

Quick Link: Public Domain Vectors

9. Flickr Commons

Archives and libraries partner with Flickr Commons and contribute their own public domain images. This is a great resource for finding free public domain images from all over the world. No copyright restrictions.

Quick Link: Flickr Commons

If you’re an energy healing practitioner looking for great quality images for your website, blog, or marketing material, keep in mind that the laws regarding public domain images are different in every country. Therefore, make sure it’s a public domain image in your country.

Also, make sure that what you’re clicking on is free, public domain or a CC0 licensed image. Sometimes sneaky ads pop up for licensed stock imagery amidst the free images. That being said, if you pay attention and read before you download, you can find some great public domain images to use in your website, blog, and marketing brochures.

Resource Section

For further info, check out these two resources:

1. Public Domain Sherpa — Want to know how to tell if something is public domain or copyrighted? Find out how to tell at Public Domain Sherpa.

Quick Link: Public Domain Sherpa

2. Creative Commons — If you want to find out more about Creative Commons and what CC0 means, find out at Creative Commons.

Quick Link: Creative Commons


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