What’s the Problem? I Can’t Get Any Clients!

Law of AttractionIf you are an energy practitioner – anyone actively engaging in an energy-based approach to health and healing – you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to get clients.

Whether you specialize in Healing Touch, Reiki, Qigong healing, Chakra Balancing, or any other healing modality, the number one obstacle you’re facing is attracting enough clients to your practice for you to make a living.

If your professional practice hasn’t reached that point yet, here’s what every successful energy professional has that you don’t:

They have an unending stream of personal referrals they can count on to feed and grow their practice.

Unique Marketing Challenge

Let’s talk about the main marketing challenge unique to all energy healing professionals: 98% of the public does not know what an energy practitioner is or what you do.

This’s why you’re having trouble getting clients!

Want to know what you need to do to put that statistic in your rear-view mirror? If you’re like most healing professionals, you’re going to shy away from the answer. So, keep an open mind.

Do you:

  • Want to enjoy unparalleled business growth?
  • Want to substantially increase your business?

Then bite the bullet and join BNI.

Business Networking International’s mission is “to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program.” BNI is worldwide, so you’ll be able to find a chapter near you.

This is not a multi-level marketing program (MLM). This is not a pyramid scheme or fly-by-night organization. This is a global business network that’s grown from a handful of like-minded friends in California, USA to an international organization with over 200,000 members.

Since each chapter only allows one person from each professional specialty, you’ll be the sole representative in your field. That means, you’ll be the go-to person for your services! Members will get to know you and understand what you do; make referrals to you and you’ll make referrals to them.

Before you roll your eyes at: networking. . . Suspend your skeptical perception and visit a chapter. Do what we want our potential clients to do – just try it out.

Quick link: www.BNI.com

Personal referrals are the life-blood of every healing practice. Traditional small businesses have known for years that the best way to turn a stranger into a life-long client is by having a friend refer them to you. Become the first healing professional in your area to join BNI, or other similar networking group, and start your stream of unending personal referrals so you can join the rarified rank of energy professionals making a living doing what they love.

What’s your biggest challenge with growing your healing practice?

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Photo Credit : Photo by Paul Dufour on Unsplash