Use Pinterest to Increase Traffic to Your Healing Practice

PinterestWant to get more clients? Then, set up your business Pinterest account today!

According to Pinterest: “200 million people use Pinterest every month, including 52% of US millennials.” Of those 200 million, over 50% are international, 80% access Pinterest on their mobile, and 100 billion ideas are shared.

With those statistics, why wouldn’t you set up a Pinterest business account?

Top 5 Strategies to Use Pinterest Business for Marketing

At its core, Pinterest is a bookmarking, marketing platform. People come to Pinterest looking for ideas to discover and save those ideas for later action. Below is a short 2-minute video that’s great if you’re just getting started.

Quick link: Pinterest Guide Video

  1. Convert your profile to a business account.

    If you currently have a Pinterest account, go to the Business Pinterest link below and click “convert now.” You won’t lose anything by converting. Everything will look the same plus you’ll get a few additional features.You’ll want to establish a separate business account for maximum professional impact.

    After all, the whole purpose of having a business Pinterest account is to market and drive people to your healing practice. Not to show them ideas you may have for your new kitchen remodel.

    Quick link:


  2. Use large images on every blog post.

    You’ll want to make sure every blog post that you publish contains a big, high quality image. That’s because Pinterest won’t publish anything without an image and Pinterest loves big, high quality images.Quality images are likely to go viral on Pinterest due to their visual nature. If your image is Pinned by a highly-followed member, it has the potential to be viewed by millions. This is especially great for promoting products and services.

    Since Pinterest favors tall, vertical images, make your images 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. Create an image, Pin the image, and then share the Pin with the blog link you want everyone to see.

  3. Link to your Twitter account and website. 

    Pinterest does this all for you in ‘settings.’ Just scroll down to the ‘Social Networks’ area to connect your account to your Pins.Once you’ve chosen your image, add 100-280 words of text to describe your Pin, using relevant keywords. Currently, Twitter is testing 280-character Tweets, doubling the previous character limit.

    Since people can Tweet directly from Pinterest, keep your text concise and interesting. Add a link to your blog article or website home page in the description for maximum exposure.

  4. Use Rich Pins.

    Rich Pins show extra information directly on the Pin. Currently, there are four types of Rich Pins: Product, Recipe, Article, and App. The first three Rich Pins you’ll be able to use for promoting your healing practice.Since it’s easier to see what I’m talking about by going to the Pinterest website, I’ll give you the quick link below.

Quick link:  Rich Pins

  1. Share your Pins and Boards on other social media platforms.

    You can Tweet your Pin, share your Pin on Facebook, and Pin to Instagram. You can also share your Boards to relevant discussion forums on social media. Also, if you’ve written a book or eBook you can use the cover image to Pin and blast out to social media.

Consistency and Frequency

Like all other social medial tools, the more you use it, the better. If you want to reach new customers, leading to more purchases and clients, signups, and traffic, Pinterest is a great social media platform to showcase your healing practice. Use the five strategies above and watch your practice grow.

What’s your biggest challenge with growing your healing practice?

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