Twitter Basics for Energy Healing Practitioners

TwitterTwitter launched July 2006.

By 2012, more than 100 million users were posting tweets each month. At the end of 2017, that number was 330 million.

Even with so many people using Twitter, it remains a confusing place for those who haven’t tweeted before.

That’s why I decided to write today’s post.

I joined Twitter in 2017 and have enjoyed using it to grow my business, communicate with other spiritual entrepreneurs, and to connect with the energy healing community.

Today, I’ll be breaking down the basics of Twitter and its features so you can quickly and easily get started.

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What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service, enabling users to read and post short messages, called tweets.

6 Basic Rules of Twitter

You can join or start any conversation with a simple tweet. Here are five rules to keep in mind:

1. Tweets are 280-characters messages.
2. Maximum video length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
3. Maximum file size for images is 5MB for photos and 3MB for animated GIFs.
4. You can send as many tweets as you want.
5. Anyone who is following you will see these tweets on their home timeline.
6. You can follow as many people as you’d like.

How to Tweet

When you log into Twitter, you land on your ‘home timeline.’ Your home timeline displays the tweets from people you are following (more on that later).

To post your first tweet, click the blue ‘Tweet’ icon at the top, next to your profile image. Immediately, a composition box opens. Here is where you type your tweet.

Below the composition box, you have the option to add an image or video, a GIF, a poll question, or your location.

* Image or video — To tweet an image or video, click on the ‘picture’ icon and upload it to Twitter.

* GIFs — A GIF is an animated image. To add a GIF, click on the ‘GIF’ icon.

* Poll — To tweet a poll question to your followers, click on the ‘poll’ icon and type in a question.

* Location — If you’re somewhere and tweeting about that place, click the ‘location’ icon.

10 Popular Tweet Topics for Energy Healers

Now that you know the basics of Twitter, you’re ready to tweet. Here are some popular topics:

1. Talk about the benefits of a particular healing service.
2. Ask your followers for energy healing.
3. Announce a local wellness or holistic fair.
4. Provide a simple chakra cleanse.
5. Explain how energy healers can protect themselves from negative energy.
6. How to balance and strengthen the body’s energy field.
7. How to clear blocked energy.
8. Attunement self-care tips.
9. Announce a conference or seminar in your healing modality.
10. Share an energy healing YouTube video.

How to Add Followers

You ‘follow’ others and a ‘follower’ is someone following you.

The best way to discover people to follow is through the ‘Search Twitter’ space to the left of your profile image. Simply, type in a word or phrase. For example: “Reiki Energy.” You’ll then see who is posting in that category and if you like what they’re saying click ‘Follow.’

How to Reply, Retweet, and Like

The best way to make fans and gain followers is by engaging in other people’s tweets. You do that by replying to tweets, retweeting other people’s tweets, and liking them.

Beneath every tweet is the icons for reply, retweet, and like.

* Reply — Is the first icon that looks like a conversation bubble. Use the ‘reply’ icon when you want to respond to a tweet.

* Retweet — The box with two arrows is the ‘retweet’ icon. Use this button to retweet a specific tweet.

* Like — The ‘heart’ icon is the button you’ll use to show appreciation for a specific tweet.

How to Use Hashtags — AKA, How to Sit at the Cool Kid’s Table

Before I end this blog post, there is one communication element that causes a lot of confusion for people. The hashtag (#).

Hashtags are a simple way to tag your tweets with a relevant word or phrase. It helps others follow topics they are interested in and is used to index keywords or phrases on Twitter.

3 Basic Rules of Hashtags:

1. Use words in hashtags, no spaces or punctuation. Example: Energy healers becomes #energyhealers in a tweet.

2. You can use as many hashtags as you want in your tweet. Twitter recommends no more than two.

3. You can put the hashtag anywhere in your tweet.

Twitter is a fun, easy to use, social networking, micro-blogging tool. Now that you know what Twitter is and does, I expect to see you soon. It’s all begins with a tweet.


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