Jan’s coaching was very helpful, it gave me a structure and a path to follow. Maybe the most valuable part was the sessions with her, her warmth, her listening capacity, her guidance and her presence to help me unblock my fears and resistance. Thank you so much for your support and wisdom Jan. With love and gratitude.

Patricia WilliamsBarbara Brennan Integration PractitionerEcuador

Hi Jan
Your advice a year ago regarding my promoting distant Reiki on my website was good. Only trouble was (other work activities) took up too much of my time. (My other commitments ended in January this year and I) got on with updating my website. Result? I’m now starting to get quite a bit of distant work. This month (March) has been booked solid for both contact and distant client work – I’ve never been on that position before! April’s shaping up pretty well, too. I really needed some Me Time, though, so I’m taking the first week in April as time off from client work.
Your advice was really sound. Thank you so much for that. Best wishes
Ken Hill

Ken HillReiki PractitionerUK

I had the great fortune to stumble across Jan. She has a gift. I had seen other therapists as I had been stuck suffering from post traumatic stress for 2 years after a very unfortunate relationship ending. However none of them directly gave me the possibility of not feeling that way. Jan shines light on possibilities it’s so refreshing. And now I just… feel lighter. That’s all I can say. Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou for existing Jan and for doing this work and so so glad I had the fortune to learn from you and receive your help. I’m just… happier!


Jan is a powerful listener, Intuitive and business coach! In one session together we were able to remove some blocks around expressing myself and around promoting my products! Strengthen the energy for my move to a new location! In essence for my Entrepreneurial growth to continue she guided me on next steps to grow interest in my product and reconfirmed my passion and purpose for my coaching and empowerment business! Complete with self care tips, law of attraction guidance and promotional review this was an extremely inspiring, affirming and integral session to continuing on my path as a Spiritual Entrepreneur! Immense gratitude and Blessings Jan!

Divine Healing Energy



Beverly StickleyWoman’s Empowerment Coach, Theta Healer & Best Selling Author “Love Me, Love Me Not”Nova Scotia, Canada

I came across Jan on Twitter, and within a few days of starting to follow her, she offered me a free business coaching session via Skype.  Her advice was simple, and straight forward, and gave me much food for thought.  Consequently I will be using Twitter in a more proactive way, and using both Twitter and my own website to promote my offer of distant Reiki healing to prospective clients in a more effective way.  It was time well worth spent!  Thank you, Jan.  <www.reikiken.com>

Ken HillReiki Practitioner from England

I began my business coaching sessions with Jan having no idea about how to begin my business venture, or even really what my business would be! I just knew that I had to prepare for the future, when I would no longer be working a regular job. After all, I would still need money!

Without these sessions with Jan, I would not have realized that I was missing my true calling.

Jan, guided me brilliantly through the sessions. At the beginning, I really had no idea how to start writing and turn it into a business venture. However, by the end of the sessions, I was quite confident that I could do something with my passion.

For anyone who wants to start a business and does not know where to start, I would thoroughly recommend these sessions. I was amazed at what I learned in such a short time. If I can do it anyone can! Thanks Jan!

Ellen PearceNurse from Australia

I met Jan while I was teaching in China. I want to return to my home in Australia so I can spend more time with my grandchildren. I started taking coaching sessions with Jan to begin a business that would support me while allowing me to live where I want.

As I went through the coaching sessions I developed a focus on what I wanted to do which made me enthusiastic. I appreciated having a framework to follow to understand myself better and what I like to do.

I was able to define the steps I needed to take to reach my goal and realized that I needed to be aware of any negative feelings that would sabotage my plans to achieve my goal.

I realized the importance of managing my time so that I can get to do the things that I enjoy the most.

I realized that I must be proactive to try and foresee and solve any problems, or resistance, that I will encounter along the way.

I realized the importance of creating a timeline so that the goal can be reached in a realistic timeframe.

I found the energy clearing exercises, as well as my own strategies to solve problems (often emotional), were very beneficial.

Marianne CadamyTeacher from Australia

Having benefitted from Jan Anderson’s services in aim of finding the right vehicle for having my book published, I can wholeheartedly recommend her. Lending her expertise she has supplied me with a wealth of leads and options delivering them in a professional, thorough and timely manner. In addition to this she remains constant in offering any new information that crosses her desk and, with the long term view in mind, has been sure to develop a pleasant, accessible and sincere working relationship with me.

Christine Gray FlynnAuthor from Canada

I’m a teaching assistant in China and I want to improve my work life to help support my family. I started taking coaching sessions with Jan to begin a business in China. Her program is very good at guiding and coaching the student to open their minds, and cultivate their commercial potentials.

It was so helpful that this program is presented in a manner that provides a rational layout, clear targets, and is easy to understand and practice.

After I completed the coaching program, I received the expected outcome promised to me.

Amanda XuTeaching Assistant from China

I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Jan and the confidence it gave me. It helped me focus on a plan of action with starting dates for starting a business.

Evelyn KarpikTeacher from Canada