Start Your Healing Practice Where You Are

Healing CrystalsClients and students often ask: How do you startup a successful energy practice?

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner, energy healer, EFT practitioner or Theta Healer, wanting to make the transition from working on friends and family to starting up a healing practice of your own, here are three tips to getting started:

  1. Start where you are.

    Starting where you are means: begin now to think of the healing work you’re doing on family and friends as the energetic bridge connecting what you’re doing now to what you envision yourself doing in the near future.Keep your day job. Just begin to think differently about the energy work you’re doing on family and friends.

    You don’t need to wait for every single thing to line up and be ‘perfect’ before you startup your energy healing practice. You can begin now by energetically calling into being the healing practice you’ll become by starting where you are now.

  2. Create a sacred space.

    This is so important! Often, as energy healers, we just do our energy work wherever we can. Catch-as-catch-can.As someone who is making the transition from working on family and friends to starting up a healing practice, it’s vitally important that you create a space specifically for doing your most sacred work.

    Whether it’s a place in your home or a space you rent for a day or two a week, it must be your space. Even if you plan to travel to your clients, bring along privacy screens, candles, and other distinctive items that will create that sacred space.

    If you are doing your energy work from home, create a space that feels good to you. Make it a safe, relaxing, and healing space. Although it may initially be a space that has multiple uses, as long as you can make it a space that is set apart and energetically infused with healing energy, this will do.

  3. Make energy cards.

    Energy cards are fun to make. They are the energy practitioner’s version of business cards.These cards can be handmade, mass-produced from a template at a company like Vista Print, or you can hire a graphic designer to create the look and feel you want.

    The card can be any size. It can be rectangular, round, or the shape of a hand. Be creative! You’ll need to have this card say in words and show in images the feeling of who you are and who you want to attract. On the front of the card will be your name, healing modality, and telephone number. On the back will be the action you want potential clients to take, such as “Call Me!”

Making the transition from working on family and friends to starting up your energy healing practice doesn’t have to be complicated. Start where you are now and create a sacred energy space. Next, pass out your energy cards to potential clients and soon you’ll be able to quit your day job.

Yes You Can! empowers energy healers to put themselves forward in their communities by starting up healing practices. For in doing so, not only will more people find the healing they need, our communities and our relationship with the natural world will also be healed.

Come join me in this healing journey.