Self-care for Energy Practitioners

Me Time

You’re an energy healer.

A practitioner who has devoted her life to increasing the energy, health, and vitality of others.

Yet, the number one thing we neglect as energy healers is self-care.

Ironic, isn’t it, that our greatest strength is also our weakness.

If you’re an energy healer in the midst of making the transition from working on family and friends to starting up your healing practice it’s a challenge finding time for self-care.

I get it!

As an energy healer myself, I know how easy it is to give to the point of exhaustion and past that point until you’re burnt out. It’s not pretty!

Because I know what it’s like to crawl – energetically speaking – back from the depths of burn out, I strongly encourage my clients to make time for self-care.

3 Easy Self-care Ideas

1. Do something every day that is loving toward your body.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in. ~ John Rohn

Stretch and savor the movement of your body. Surround yourself with beautiful music and feel how happy your body is as your stretch and move.

Put on your walking shoes and get out in nature. Bask in the colours and textures of the world around you. Feel yourself grounding into Mother Earth.

A relaxing warm shower is a nice way of loving your body. Luxuriate in a bubble bath. Let the water sooth and restore you.

2. Breathe.

Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance. ~ Unknown

Get some fresh air. If you don’t have the time or lack the motivation to go for a walk, that’s ok. Just go outside, even if only for five minutes and get some fresh air!

Breathe deeply and focus on nothing else but breathing. Sit in a comfortable position with your feet on the floor. Apply 1-2 drops of lavender to your palms; cup your hands over your nose and breathe in through you nose and out through your mouth.

3. Hang out with an animal.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ~ Anatole France

Animals are amazing stress soothers!

Whether it’s cat therapy, dog therapy, or horse therapy, being around animals lowers your blood pressure and helps your body relax. Being around our furry friends raises our serotonin, naturally helping us feel good.

Hey. I get it. You’re busy taking care of clients. Busy starting up your business. You have a lot on your plate. However, as fluffy and indulgent as “self-care” sounds, it is 100% essential to your functioning.

Pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion has no up side. Self-care does. You see; self-care is the outward evidence of self-love. And I’ve come to believe that self-care and self-love is actually the key to all that we do as energy healers.

I’d love to hear from you. What self-care activities do you like to do?

Yes You Can! empowers energy healers to put themselves forward in their communities by starting up healing practices. For in doing so, not only will more people find the healing they need, our communities and our relationship with the natural world will also be healed.

Come join me in this healing journey.


One thought on “Self-care for Energy Practitioners

  1. Self care is essential. Like you I’ve made the journey back from burnout (plus panic attacks and anxiety, for good measure), and I shudder to think where I’d be if I didn’t look after myself as I do now. For a start, I’ve been doing transcendental meditation for many years (thirty years next September!). It is so simple to do, and can even be done on buses, trains and planes; I’ve done it on all three! TM is so simple and so powerful. As is Reiki. I’ve even done that on occasions on public transport, sitting just with my hands at the back of my head. These two boons to both physical and mental health are a part of my daily life, these days. I do Reiki on myself in bed on a morning (as does US Reiki guru Pamela Miles of NYC), using the five minute snooze button as a reminder to move my hands to the next position. I also do TM every day, sometimes twice, sometimes once.

    I’m 65 now, and have been a regular at my local gym for over six years now, just once or twice a week. I lost a couple of stone in weight a few years ago, and have recently started losing weight again (deliberately!).

    We must all take responsibility for our own health, whether we are healers ourselves of if we go to a healer.

    There you go. Lesson over!

    Ken 😎

    Ken Hill

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