One Thing Guaranteed to Get You More Clients

Law of AttractionAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • 80% of new businesses survive past their first year of operation.
  • 50% of all businesses no longer exist after five years.
  • Only 33% make it past their 10th

These statistics are both exciting – most new startups do make it past their first year – and depressing – 50% don’t make it past five years.

Want to make sure your healing practice survives and thrives long past the 10-year mark?

Discover the “Why”

In 2009, leadership expert Simon Sinek gave a TED Talk on, How Great Leaders Inspire Action that rocked the marketing world.

In 18 minutes he told us that we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to marketing to our clients. We’re focused on the wrong things. We’re turning clients off and away.

Then he tells us what we need to do. In order to turn our ‘just surviving’ part-time healing practice into a thriving full-time healing practice is to start communicating from the inside out.

That’s great news for energy practitioners! Whether your emphasis is on Healing Touch, Reiki, EFT, Qigong healing, Chakra Balancing, or any other healing modality, your whole method of operation is approached from the inside out.

That’s something energy workers naturally do that traditional small business owners don’t.

Therefore, discovering the “why” of what you do as an energy practitioner will be easy for you to identify.

Begin by watching Simon Sinek’s talk.

I know. It’s 18 minutes.

Trust me. Watch it.

From one energy worker to another – you’ll be glad you did.

Quick Link: Simon Sinek TED Talk

Next, figure out your unique Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle

For years Simon studied what great businesses and people did and how they communicated what they did to others.

He looked at Apple, the Wright Brothers and Martin Luther King, to name a few. He dug into what made them different. What caused them to get noticed and have hugely passionate followers? Most importantly, what they did that differentiated them from everyone else doing the very same thing.

He codified his finding in what he calls, the Golden Circle.

Here’s what he discovered: “People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it.”

Recently, Apple came out with their anniversary iPhone 10X for $999. Want to know why people are buying that expensive smart phone? Hint: It’s not because it’s better than other smart phones. Watch Simon Sinek’s talk and you’ll understand why.

Then apply that why to your energy healing practice.

The Golden Circle, once identified, is how you will communicate what you do to your clients. And it is the one thing that will guarantee you a steady stream of clients, forever.

What’s your biggest challenge with growing your healing practice?

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