How to Make an Infographic to Promote Your Healing Practice

Law of AttractionFor the last couple of blog posts I’ve talked about infographics and fun ways they can be used to promote your healing practice.

Today’s post is about how to make an infographic.

An infographic is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easily understood at a glance.

Out . . . long blocks of text to convey information to your clients.
People just don’t take the time to read anymore.

In . . . infographics that visually engage your clients at a glance.

Five Free Infographic Tools

There are many tools you can use to make an Infographic. Here are five of them to consider. All have free versions which are limited in some way.

I like the variety of Piktochart templates, but the free version has only 2 free downloads. Canva has unlimited downloads.

How to Make an Infographic Using Piktochart

You can use whichever tool you’d like. I like Piktochart. It’s free. Easy. And within a very short period of time you’ll have a cool looking infographic to promote your energy healing practice.

There is a video-tutorial to help and inspire you.

Quick link: piktochart tutorial

Step 1: Pick a template for your infographic.

There are hundreds of professional-designed templates from which to choose. Choose one that suits your audience and branding.

Step 2. Customize.

You can edit and input text, change the font and color, add photos or hyperlinks. You can upload either your own photos or use theirs. You can even add videos to make it specific and unique to your client’s wants and needs.

They have thousands of icons and designer graphics that you can use. And ready-made text frames will help you save time.

Step 3: Share your infographic with the world.

Submitting unique infographics to social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter will quickly grab you client’s attention.


You can also use an infographic to create a Lead Magnet if the information your giving lends itself to a visual presentation. This is one of the best things you can do to promote your healing practice online. They’re easy for you to do and even easier for your potential clients to understand.


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