Instagram Basics for Energy Healing Practitioners

Instagram for Business Instagram launched in 2010.

Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram has grown from 4 million users to more than a billion users worldwide.

In 2012, Facebook acquired it for $1 billion.

Today, Instagram is still one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world.

Even as most energy healers know about Instagram, they either don’t think it’s relevant to their practice or don’t know how to use it to their benefit.

Today, I’ll be breaking down the basics of what Instagram is and does, show you how to set up a business account, and how it can be of benefit to your energy healing practice.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is an Internet-based photo-sharing application that allows users to share pictures and videos.

It’s primarily a mobile app. The desktop version has a very limited interface.

Instagram Basics

* You can upload full-size photographs and videos (up to 1 minute).

* You can follow other users.

* You can geotag images with the name of a location.

* You can set your account to ‘private.’

* You can connect your Instagram account to your other social networking sites.

* You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post.

* You can use filters to enhance photos.

How to Set up an Instagram Business Account

If you don’t already have an Instagram account, it’s easy to set up.

1. Download the Instagram app.
2. Tap ‘sign up’ and enter your email address.
3. Go to settings and tap on ‘Switch to Business Account.’

Instagram Terminology

Just like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, Instagram has its own language.

* Home button — Takes you to your home page, which is your feed.

* Add button — This is how you add a photo, take a photo, or shoot a video.

* Post — Refers to an image uploaded to Instagram.

* Like — Used to show appreciation for another user’s photo or video.

* Follower — A user who follows your account and sees what you post in their feed.

* Filters — This is Instagram’s hallmark. Here’s where you can add special effects to personalize your photos.

* Caption — This is a short description of a photo or image that you can add. Instagram’s maximum character limit is 2,200 characters (approximately 300 words).

* Direct message/DM — Private messaging between users within the app.

* Stories — Allow users to take photos and videos and add them to their Instagram story. Photos and videos disappear after 24 hours.

* Tabs

o Explore tab — This tab facilitates two functions: search and discover. It’s different for every user, based on the posts you’ve ‘liked’ and posts ‘liked’ by people whose photos and videos you’ve ‘liked.’

o Search tab: Helps you find interesting content and users to follow.

o Geotag — Attaches a location to a photo or a video.

What Instagram Can Do for Your Energy Healing Business

* Drive traffic to your website
* Increase brand awareness
* Attract clients
* Boost sales

Instagram Business Strategies

Here are nine actions you can take that will benefit your energy healing practice:

1. Username — To increase discoverability, your username (also called your handle) on Instagram should be the same for all your other social networking profiles. Example: Your Healing Business

2. Bio — Use your bio to describe your practice. Include your branded hashtags in your bio. Example: #yourhealingbusiness

3. Profile photo — Make this your company’s logo. Make sure it matches other profile photos on your website, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, to increase brand recognition.

4. Follow people — Kick off your business’ Instagram presence by following lots of users.

5. Promote your account — Add your Instagram URL to your website, signature in your email, and other social media profiles for cross-promotion.

6. Use Instagram stories — These are a great way to promote a new product or service, give a behind-the-scenes look at your practice, or share a blog post.

7. Use live videos — Similar to Facebook Live; you can give customers a live look at aspects of your practice, demonstrate services, and answer live questions.

8. Interact with other Instagram users — Like, tag, comment, and DM other users.

9. Use hashtags — I just wrote an extensive blog post on hashtag basics for energy healing practitioners.
Your Healing Business Blog – #hashtags

Although Instagram is the fastest growing social networking platform in the world, most energy healing practitioners either avoid using it or don’t know how beneficial it can be to their practice. Now that you know, get your smart phone out and start taking photos.


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