How To Get Professional Referrals When Starting Up Your Energy Healing Practice

Professional Referrals
If you are an energy healer wanting to make the transition from working on family and friends to starting up a healing practice, professional referrals (referrals from other professionals) are one of the very best ways to grow your energy healing practice.

However, it’s not easy getting professional referrals when you’re just starting out. That’s because most energy healers asking for referrals are not thinking from the other professional’s viewpoint.

If you want professionals to happily refer their clients and friends to you, keep these two things in mind:

  • Why someone would want to send a referral to you?

In order to ask a professional for referrals, there has to be a compelling reason for them to do so.

To get professionals to happily send you referrals, you’ll have to think of the referral from their perspective. Make sure that they feel equally compensated for doing so.

  • It’s all comes down to trust.Professionals who refer a friend or client to you have a lot to lose. If you do an excellent job, that’s great. If not, the referrer may be viewed negatively and lose credibility with their client. Possibly, even losing their client’s business.

So you need to think carefully before asking for a professional referral. Here are some ideas to get you started:

6 Win-Win Referral Ideas

  1. Become a low risk referral by adding high value assurance.For example: Give a money back guarantee or free consultation to each person referred to you.
  2. Make sure that your healing modality doesn’t compete with the healing practice of the person giving you a referral. Begin by making a list of people and practices in your area that offer complimentary services. Then contact them in person.For example: Massage therapists sending referrals to Reiki practitioners.
  3. Don’t hide the fact that you’re brand new. Instead, capitalize on it.For example: Offer a “2 sessions-for-1 price” new practice startup discount during your first six months in practice.
  4. Approach local churches and community centers and offer to teach classes in your healing modality.For example: Teach the class for free. Then give a 50% discount on your services to everyone who signs up at the end of the class.
  5. Talk with your hairstylist about your energy healing practice.For example: Give him or her a stack of referral cards. Offer your stylist $10 for every customer who purchases a service from you as a result of one of the cards he or she passed out.
  6. Find another energy healer just starting out and cross-promote each other.For example: Find an energy healing partner who is in a complementary healing modality who will benefit from promoting your practice as well as theirs.

When making the transition from working on family and friends to starting up a healing practice you need referrals.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s not so much about what you’ll get out of the referral, it’s what the referrer gains by sending someone to you. After all, you are asking them to trust you with their precious clients. Therefore, think carefully before asking for a referral, and make sure you have something to offer that will be of benefit to the referrer.

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