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Heart Gate Activation Playlist

There are usually two problems with creating manifesting lists:

1) The goal isn’t specific enough.

The things and situations you want to manifest need to be described in sufficient detail that someone else would know when you have received it.

2) The art of manifesting is taken too seriously.

If you’re in a state of playfulness, manifesting what you want becomes easy.

Using the Heart Gate Activation Playlist:

1) Decide what are your next steps in your business development. Then choose one that feels the least challenging so you can begin easily. Do this with a feeling of playfulness.

2) Download the template below and describe what you want to manifest in the My Goal section.

3) Then break it down into steps. What would have to manifest first, second, etc.

4) Think about how can you make these steps more playful? That’s why this template is called a playlist, rather than a goal list.

5) Finish the Playlist with the Highest Good of All statement.  The Highest Good of All statement ensures that  what you want will come to you in a beneficial manner. Before I knew about this statement I had asked for a certain dollar amount. I received it after crashing my car. You don’t want the easiest method if it causes harm. So this is important!! Here are 2 examples:

    • I activate this playlist in my heart of hearts for the highest good of all. Let there be light.
    • This, or something better, is now manifesting in my life for the highest good of All.

6) Then do a Heart Gate Activation. For example, I do a visualization where I am in the center of my heart and offer my playlist to the Universe through the Heart Gate. Think of the Heart Gate as a gate or portal linked directly to Source. This embeds your playlist into your energy system so that it’s attracting what you want even when you’re not thinking about it.

Then ask yourself each morning, what does my playlist want me to do or be today? The answer should have a high energetic feeling such as inspiration, fun, or motivation. If the answer feels like an overwhelming ToDo list then that’s not coming from Source.

Right click on the link below to download your Heart Gate Activation Playlist:

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Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson
Your Energy Healing Business Coach

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