Halloween Is a Boolicious Time to Attract Clients

HalloweenHalloween is the official kick-off to the holiday season and this year, nearly 200 million people in the US will participate in Halloween activities. That means there’s a huge opportunity for your healing practice to join the celebration with some clever Halloween marketing and get noticed.

Three Fun Halloween Marketing Ideas To Attract Attention

When it comes to things you can do to help attract more clients to your healing practice, Halloween is a great time to get creative.

  1. Best costume or pumpkin contest.

    Dressing up and carving or painting pumpkins is a tradition that many people plan and look forward to each year.

    Holding a contest is one of the best ways to engage the whole family, attract traffic to your website, and grow your fan base on social media. In previous blog posts I’ve talked about the importance of using social media to grow your client base. [Social Media Article] Tweet this contest on Twitter and launch on Facebook to engage with your audience.

    The winner gets a free foot massage or 30 minute Reiki session. A free Tarot reading would fit in nicely with Halloween.

  2. Launch a Halloween game on the web.

    The great pumpkin hunt is a takeoff from the Easter egg hunt.

    Hide pumpkins on strategic pages on your website – those you’d like your visitors to see and read – and ask your visitors to find them. Flying bats, witches, trick-or-treat bags, and ghosts are fun to hide, too!

    Not only does it get people to ‘crawl’ your website and see what you’re offering, it gives them a way to have fun. Announce this event on Twitter and Facebook with a link to your website. Then award a prize to the first person to get the correct number. Make it a prize particular to your services.

  3. Create a Halloween infographic.

    An infographic is a visual representation of content that is easy-to-read at first glance. You see a lot of infographics on Pinterest. Creating a Halloween infographic to go viral on Pinterest would mean a ton of attention for your energy healing practice.

    I spoke about how fabulous Pinterest is as a marketing strategy in a previous blog post, so make sure you read that post for details.

    Quick Link: Pinterest Article

    To create a professional looking infographic use Piktochart or Infogram – both have free versions.

    Quick link: Piktochart
    Quick link: Infogram

As for ideas:

  • Zombie small business startup gear.
  • EFT for stressed out Vampires.
  • Reiki energy for worn out Werewolves.

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to plan your marketing strategy.

Millions of shoppers will be looking for thoughtful things to buy for others and special things to do for themselves. You’ll have a lot of competition so you’ll want to start off Halloween with a bang! Or, should I say, “boo!”

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