Grow Your Energy Healing Practice with Add-Ons

business add-onsJust as restaurants can’t profit from merely selling main-dish entrees, healing practices can’t profit by only selling basic treatments. To increase revenue, you need to make add-on services a regular part of what you offer your clients.

Add-on services are the ‘dessert’ of any energy healing treatment. These are services clients are curious about, interested in, and willing to try out. Add-ons are quick, easy money for energy practitioners.

Test the Local Market in Three Easy Steps

One of the best ways to determine what add-ons will work for your energy healing practice is to find out what local hair salons and nail technicians are offering. After all, they’ve been successfully offering add-ons for years.

Learn from them!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get a map of your local community. Locate where your home or practice is and mark it with a star. Measure out 25 miles and draw a circle. Write down the names of all the mid-size or larger hair and nail salons in that 25-mile radius and research their add-ons.

a. If they have a website, you can quickly peruse their service page and discover what add-ons they offer. Make a list of what they offer, the duration of the add-on, and the price.

b. If they don’t have a website, visit their business and find out what add-ons they offer. Take notes.

2. Once you have compiled the add-on list, you’ll easily see the most popular items. These are the moneymaker add-ons in your local community and what clients want.

3. Next, either duplicate their add-ons or come up with new ones that are similar.

Five Easy Add-ons for Any Energy Healing Modality

Add-ons are an express service with beneficial results. Here are five add-ons that will increase revenue and add to your client’s experience:

1. Extra minutes – Lengthen any treatment by adding 15 or 30 minutes.

2. Aromatherapy neck and face massage – Essential oils are the perfect extensions of any treatment. They support balance and promote the harmonization of body, mind, and spirit.

3. Mini sessions – If there’s a new treatment you’d like to add to your regular services, offer an add-on mini session for clients to try out.

4. Products – It’s easy to use books, tarot decks, essential oils, herbal teas, angel cards, and healing crystals as add-ons. Have them available for your clients to buy before or after their services.

5. Hospital, hospice, and home visits –Make hospital, hospice center, or home visits available for those who want an energy session and are unable to drive. Clients choose one of your existing services and add an additional $25 for local travel time. Although this isn’t an express service, it is a unique amenity that many healing modalities can incorporate into their add-on services.

Add-ons are a necessary component of your energy healing practice. Offering express services will both benefit your clients and increase revenue for your practice. As your healing practice grows, your add-ons need to evolve with it. So be sure to add new ones each season.


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