Five Ways Energy Healers Boost Productivity

Time Spiral
Recently, I did an informal survey of energy healers asking them this question: “What’s the number one thing you do to boost your productivity?”

Here are five wonderful ways energy healers get things done:

1. They write out their ‘to do’ list the night before.

They don’t wait until morning to make their list. They write their list the night before to allow the energetic process to percolate while they sleep. Then, when they wake up, it’s as if they’ve had an eight-hour head start on their day.

2. They prioritize their daily list using the “ABCD and E” method.

A = must do
B = should do
C = would be nice to do
D = delegate
E = eliminate

3. They wake up early and get off to a good start.

Many energy healers find that waking up early sets their day off right allowing them to get into the swing of things at an unhurried pace.

4. They delegate everything possible.

Energy healers are used to doing things for themselves. Yet, the most productive energy healers in business have found that delegation is crucial to their success.

5. They know their energy peaks and valleys.

More than others, energy healers are particularly tuned in to their energy. They know when their most productive times are and when they naturally need more introspective, down time. Therefore, the most productive energy healers schedule their work activities, family time, and personal quiet time around the natural ebb and flow of their energy peaks and valleys.

What is the number one thing you can do to boost your productivity?

Could it be something as simple as putting your ‘to-do’ list together the night before? Or, do you need to focus more on delegating tasks to others?

Decide which resonates with you and start implementing them now. That way you are guaranteed to boost productivity and have more time for yourself.

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