Do You Have What It Takes To Excel at Your Healing Practice?

WomanAre you wondering if you have what it takes to grow your healing practice into a financially sustainable business?

If you’re a woman, you might be wondering what the innate characteristics are of successful women entrepreneurs.

Here are the top 10 characteristics of women entrepreneurs. See how many apply to you.

Top 10 Characteristics of Women Entrepreneurs

Women who excel at their practices embody these characteristics. They are:

  1. Self-disciplined.
  2. Hold strong, clear visions about the direction of their healing practices.
  3. Follow detailed plans of action to support their vision.
  4. Use mentors and coaches to keep them strategically aligned for success.
  5. Exude confidence and determination.
  6. See problems, failures, and setbacks as opportunities, openings, and clarifiers.
  7. Have a natural affinity for customer care and service.
  8. Trust and follow their intuition.
  9. Are “whole”-istic in their decision-making.
  10. Measure success by their quality of interaction with people and how much they help others.

Top Three Mistakes Made by Women in Healing Practices

In order to be successful and excel at your healing practice, you’ll need to stop doing these three things:

1. Giving too much.

Because you’re an energetic healer and not in a traditional field of business, clients think of your time and talents differently then they do their hair stylist’s time and talent. In some ways, they expect more from you. They arrive late for appointments, want you to go over your time, and want to talk about what happened after their session.

Because you’re naturally a ‘giver’ and have an affinity for customer care, you can end up giving too much of your time and energy. This leads to resentment and negative energy drain.

In order to guard against this I suggest you begin the session by stating the time frame for the session. Then at the end of the session do a short summary.

Here’s an example:

When you arrived today you were ____ .  We worked through  (process) and the important part of that for you is  ____ .  So this is (what we did) and (this is the shift) you got. And until (the next session) I want you to use (this strategy).

2. Making excuses.

Making excuses is easy to do. Stopping excuses is much harder!

Have you ever noticed how your clients seem to think that, if they explain why they didn’t call to say they were running late or, show up on time, or bring money to pay for their services, that because you’re an energetic healer you’ll understand and it will be okay. Not so.

Have you ever caught yourself making excuses for why you’re running late, running over, or failed to return a call?

Even though you’re in a non-traditional business, that doesn’t give you energetic license to make excuses when you aren’t living up to your commitments.

As a healing professional, do unto your clients, as you would like them to do unto you. Set the example. Be impeccable with your word. Do as you say.

3. Making decisions from a “lack mentality.”

Too many women healers have a mindset of scarcity when it comes to their practice.

They believe they lack time, money is scarce, and there aren’t enough customers. They don’t understand that near-term lack infects long-term prosperity. Therefore, make decisions for your practice based on the far-term vision of expansion and growth. Not on “lack mentality.”

Women entrepreneurs can and do excel at their healing practices. They can and do make a living from their practice that is financially sustainable. They do that by embodying the top 10 characteristics of women entrepreneurs and eliminating the three top mistakes women make in healing practices. If you do these two things, you’re bound to excel in your healing practice.

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