Instagram for Business

I recently surveyed my followers on their thoughts about using Facebookᵀᴹ ads to grow their healing business …

… AND I wasn’t surprised to find that many energy healers said they think Facebookᵀᴹ discriminates against energy healers’ ads.

I agree, it certainly seems to.

Just take a look at this Reiki practitioner’s ad …

… it says the ad is about social issues, elections or politics. WHAT? The ad doesn’t mention social or political issues, so what gives?

Have you taken any courses on how to create Facebookᵀᴹ ads?

I have.

I’ve taken lots of Facebookᵀᴹ ad courses, ranging from $20 to $2000, AND NONE of them taught me how to avoid the Facebookᵀᴹ Ad Take-down.

I’ve learned from the best about all the pieces that go into creating an ad that attracts clicks…

From choosing ‘stop-the-scroll’ images to composing ‘Yes, That’s Me’ copy, as well as creating mouth watering incentives.


…Just when I thought I would never figure out a way to stop being discriminated against as an energy healer…

That’s when I finally figured out how to end Facebook’sᵀᴹ discrimination against energy healers so their ads stop getting the ax.

And that’s made a big difference for me and my coaching clients.

Like this Reiki practitioner in England:

“I wanted to see 12 clients per week but was usually only seeing half or less than this. I have a website and Facebookᵀᴹ following but I wasn’t sure if I was using them effectively. Jan gave me sound advice for tweaking my Facebookᵀᴹ and website strategy. And I became fully booked for the entire month for the first time ever!”

I’ve created a Facebookᵀᴹ ad program called Discover Your Facebookᵀᴹ Ad Magic which is designed specifically for Energy Healers so they can create Facebookᵀᴹ ads that are accepted by Facebookᵀᴹ.

No more ad discrimination!

It helps energy healers attract their soul clients AND avoid the dreaded Facebookᵀᴹ Ad Take-down.

And now I want to show you how you can attract your soul clients by designing great Facebookᵀᴹ Ads that get approved.

Your soul clients are on Facebookᵀᴹ, let’s chat about how to invite them to work with you.

Meet with me for a complementary Discovery session.

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What Others are Saying about Jan

We had previously dabbled in Facebookᵀᴹ ads, lost money, no results. We needed help. Jan gave us step by step mentoring to avoid the pitfalls and get results. Now we are running ads that return twice our ad spend.
— Misa Hopkins, bestselling author

I’m creating Soul Star cards as an alternative to Tarot. I needed help creating my presence on Facebookᵀᴹ. Jan not only gave me the information needed to start a Facebookᵀᴹ Group (using my own creative magic) she also actually guided me physically through all the pitfalls of advertising on Facebookᵀᴹ so that by the end of this course, I now have a vibrant Facebookᵀᴹ Group, with a growing number of members!
— Esmé Boone BFA, Creator of Soul Star Cards