Best Business Practices for Energy Healers in 2018

Best PracticesWhether you’re just starting out in your energy healing practice or have been in business for a while, start 2018 out with your best foot forward with these best practices.

Three Best Practices for a Successful 2018

1. Hire a business coach. I know this may sound self-serving because I provide coaching for energy healers. However, I’m not telling you to do something I’m not doing myself. I have a business coach and work with her to grow my coaching business. Here are the two main benefits of when starting up and growing your business:

Benefit: Accessibility.

Knowing that you have a real, live person that you can call and discuss your business ideas and concerns with is priceless.

Benefit: Personalization.

An experienced business coach provides customized business management and ongoing strategic oversight that can better position you to reach your long-term goals and objectives.

2. Start blogging.

Whether you’re just starting to blog for your practice, or you’ve been at it for a while, here are the two best practices to keep in mind while you’re writing:

Best Practice: Write useful and engaging content.

Make sure your blog posts provide value for your readers. One of the ways that Google decides how much traffic to send to your post is by looking at the amount of time that people spend on the page itself. If it doesn’t hold the reader’s attention and they leave quickly (bounce), your search engine ranking will be negatively affected.

Best Practice: Make your posts easy to read.

No one likes to read a giant block of text. To encourage readers to stay on your page, break up your content with bullet points, numbered lists, bold headers and images.

Long blocks of text turn most readers off and can cause them to bounce off your page.

3. Invest your time in social media marketing.

If you are an energy healer interested in kick-starting your social media efforts, here are two best practices that will positively impact your bottom line in 2018.

Best Practice: Brand your accounts.

When someone checks you out on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, all three should look and feel the same as if someone is visiting your website. Use the same colors, logos, and similar images as you do with your other marketing material so that it is instantly recognizable as your professional practice.

Best Practice: Post consistently.

Publishing once in a while is not going to yield you the primary results you’re looking for — building an audience and driving traffic to your website.

Establish a regular publishing schedule for each: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. My business coach recommends:

Facebook – 1 post a day – original material or shared – mid-day or early evening.

LinkedIn – 1-2 posts a week – original content or shared.

Twitter – 3-5 original tweets a day – morning, afternoon, evening.

Whether you’re just starting out in your energy healing practice or have been in business for a while, start 2018 out with your best foot forward with these best practices for 2018.


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