3 Cutting-Edge Trends You Need to Make a Part of Your Energy Healing Practice in 2018

2018 TrendsFrom millennials to seniors and everyone in-between, you serve them all.

That’s the great thing about being an energy healer—your practice encompasses all age groups and needs.

Therefore, you need to get on board with what’s happening in both the millennial and senior worlds.

Here are three cutting-edge trends that you need to incorporate into your energy healing practice so you can be on the cutting edge of what millennials, seniors, and everyone in-between is flocking to in 2018.

Cutting Edge Trend # 1: Virtual Reality (VR)

Millennials are excited about virtual reality. So are seniors! And you should be too if you want to be on the cutting edge of service offerings.

What millennials find attractive about VR is that unlike traditional computer experiences, VR places the user inside the experience.

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of the real world that uses electronic devices, such as goggles, helmets, and gloves to create a sensory experience generated by a computer. Therefore, instead of looking at a 2D screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with a 3D world.

The simplicity of buying a helmet-sized device that can work as well in your client’s living room as in your office has made head-mounted displays (HMDs) center stage when it comes to VR technologies.

If you are tech-savvy and interested in technology, make VR a business opportunity for you.

VR is ideal for guided meditation, employee training, client education, designing virtual tours of the human body, increasing wellness, and relieving stress.

VR is being used in the health and wellness field, by professional athletes to improve performance and enhance healing, by corporate CEOs and by seniors to reduce the effects of aging.

It’s no longer a fad. It’s here to stay. So consider adding it to your energy healing services in 2018.

Cutting Edge Trend # 2: Intergeneration Services.

Have you noticed? More and more grandparents are standing in as parents for their grandchildren while mom and dad are at work. Since they’re retired with flexible schedules, they make themselves available for after school pick ups, driving grandchildren to piano lessons and cub scout meetings, and are seen cheering for their grandchild at soccer games.

These involved seniors are also taking their grandchildren to health and wellness appointments.

That means if you provide intergenerational services at your practice that you’ll create more business opportunities.

Intergenerational services work with therapeutic touch or massage (where both grandparent and grandchild receive services at the same time), EFT tapping (children can learn the benefits right alongside their grandparent), and Reiki healing.

Be on the cutting edge of services by providing programs and services for families, youth, disabled individuals, and seniors in your local community.

Cutting Edge Trend # 3: Mobile Unit.

If you haven’t noticed, mobile services are on the rise.

Whether it’s a mobile food truck offering a variety of unique cuisines, a mobile pet grooming unit, or a mammogram bus, people are flocking to mobile services because it’s convenient and personalized.

You need to get your energy healing practice on the road with your telephone number boldly displayed on all sides!

Whether you go to the door of your client or you park yourself at a local event where you’re likely to draw a crowd if you want to meet the needs of millennials, seniors, and everyone in-between, seriously consider investing in a mobile unit.

The lower overhead and increased geographic versatility of an energy healing mobile unit means you can reach more people and draw more attention. This isn’t about putting your massage table into your car and making a house call; this is about tricking out a mobile unit into a healing practice on wheels.

Now, I know that purchasing a mobile unit and HMDs for virtual reality is costly, so in my next blog post, I’ll talk about grants you can apply for to defray the cost.

The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to get adventurous and think about trying something new. And being on the cutting edge of what’s trending in 2018 will make you very attractive to people. Here are three cutting-edge trends

that you need to incorporate into your energy healing practice so you can be at the forefront of what millennials, seniors, and everyone in-between is flocking to in 2018.


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