10 Tips for Creating a Highly Usable Website

WebsiteI’ll make this short and sweet.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about how important social media is for energy practitioners either struggling to get clients or wanting to get more.

Today, I’m going to lay out the 10 foundational tips you need to keep in mind when creating your website:

  1. Design your website to be compatible with the greatest number of viewers.

    Since some people will be accessing your website from their smart phones, others their tablets, and some a laptop with a 12” screen, you need to have the resolution set to 800×600 so everyone can easily load it.

    The greater the resolution, the longer it takes to load and the more they’ll need to center, move, and size with their fingers.

  2. Avoid large graphic files, pictures, and fancy applets that flash, gyrate, or start playing a video.

    While catchy and cute, they cause your page to load too slowly. When that happens, people won’t wait. They’ll move on.
  3. Be colorful and creative in your website design yet, keep your hyperlinks in the traditional blue color.

    Blue is the universal color for hyperlinks. People are used to seeing blue. Any other color will cause people to hesitate when clicking.
  4. Optimize your images so they load fast.

    When optimizing images for the web, image resolutions should be 72 dpi. And the three file types best suited for the web are GIF, JPEG, and PNG.
  5. Use bullets and bold, descriptive headlines to make the home page of your website easy to read.

    Most people skim when viewing a website. Paragraphs will be skimmed. Headlines and bulleted points will be read.
  6. Avoid red and yellow.

    Red and yellow should not be used on your website because bright colors cause the human eye to strain, making it tiring to look at your page.
  7. Make your hyperlinks short.

    A hyperlink is simply a link to some other content on your website. Select one or two words to use in the hyperlink.
  8. Make sure to put your contact info on the bottom of each page.

    Your website address, name, and physical address makes visitors to your site much more comfortable. It lends credibility.

    Don’t make them search for your contact info!

  9. If you’re selling something or scheduling appointments from your website make it easy for visitors to do so.

    Make it one click to buy. One click to schedule. Don’t send people through a maze of clicks – you’ll lose them.
  10. Have no more than one call to action on the home page of your website.

    Multiple options confuse people and a confused mind always says ‘no.’

Whether you’re an energy practitioner struggling to get clients or just wanting to get more, make sure you make it easy for clients to find you by creating a highly usable website. Follow these 10 tips so your web pages load quickly and make it easy for clients to take action.


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